Danny Avila, DJ #1 in Spain, occupies the 34th of TOP 100 from DJ Mag and returns to Portugal for the 3rd time this year with his project, Mainstage Techno. Get ready for a set full of Techno! If you haven’t seen a recent performance of Danny Avila, we suggest you to watch his set at Untold.


Klingande, one of the main artists from Tropical House, returns to Portugal 8 years later. Throughout his career, he has released multiple singles of global success, like “Jubel” (500M views on Spotify and YouTube) and “Pumped Up”. With his vast experience playing at big stages and accompanied by his own saxophonist, surely he won’t disappoint.


Anyone who know’s Martin Garrix, knows obviously Justin Mylo, not just for their friendship, but for their great collabs, such as “Burn Out” among others. Their genres are very similar and the quality is reflected on Justin Mylo’s songs. If you do not know him, we suggest you to listen his songs that easily remain in your head. What a debut in Portugal!


For another debut in Portugal, D.O.D will be present, coming from the UK, to thrill portuguese audience with his particular style of House and Garage House. He has released several singles on Axtone (Axwell’s label) and it is impossible to stay quiet during his set. It is no coincidence that he has been in the top 100 of DJ Mag for 3 consecutive years.


This talented Swedish duo, once a trio, will also play for the first time in our country. The big hit “Fun” with Kaskade had a big impact on their career. Its genre is distinct from all others: Bass House. One thing is for sure, Brohug will surprise a lot of people!


Stckman’s name does not go unnoticed in Portugal. This young DJ and excellent producer has stood out in the electronic music scene in his country, having set foot this year at one of the stages of NOS Alive. Stckman is without a doubt on par with all other international DJs.