About Us

Discoveries is a brand-new EDM festival and the one and only of this kind in Lisbon.

The Age of Discovery, Portuguese Discoveries, inspired our identity! This glorious time of Portugal is the best in its history. All of this was only achieved by the bravery of the Portuguese who sailed through rough seas to discover the unknown: Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambique, India, Macao, and many more. These historic times will be our source of inspiration for every event we will promote.

We truly believe that the portuguese capital needs something new, a creative EDM festival.

Certainly, our ambitions don’t stay just within this city. So, we are creating something differentiated from all other festivals happing in Portugal.

We plan on breaking the stereotype of what portuguese festivals currently offer. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why we plan to stay here for a very long time. You can always check other festivals’ lineups which are basically identical year after year with the same artists as their previous editions or their competitors’ lineup.

Probably you never heard some of the artists who will perform at Discoveries Festival. In that case, we encourage you to explore them – Discovering is in our veins! These DJs and producers have a lot of experience playing music at the best nightclubs and electronic music festivals in the world with thousands of people from all nationalities. Some of them will perform for the first time in Portugal and just right in front of you. What a time to be alive!

The music played will be from different subgenres of electronic dance music including mainly house, tech house, tropical house, danceelectronica and bass. Discover more about all our subgenres in the following link: click here.

We hope you get aboard of this ship which will let you navigate through an amazing music experience.

In conclusion, we are here to stay!

Navigate through dance where electronic music was never spread before.